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Over the years, the eyebrows begin to fall. It falls more at the end of the eyebrow (tail of eyebrow) by the action of gravity and by the function of the muscles.

How is the consultation of the cilopexy?

The plastic surgeon in your first consultation will evaluate your eyebrows, see how fallen they are, the presence of palpebral ptosis or dermatochalasis.

What are the indications of ciliopexy or brow lift?

  • Patients with drooping eyebrows.
  • Patients with forehead wrinkles.
  • Patients with drooping eyelids and drooping eyebrows.


How is the pre-surgical eyebrow lift?

  • Do not smoke 30 days before. The cigarette alters healing and increases complications during anesthesia.
  • Do not consume nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs 30 days before.
  • Do not consume Vitamin E up to 30 days before surgery.
  • Apply tetanus vaccine again.
  • Anticoagulated patients: Must attend a check-up appointment with the internist doctor.

What are the brow lift laboratories?

They should be done 30 days before surgery:

  • Hemogram, creatinine, glycemia, TP, TPT; HIV, serology.
  • In patients older than 40 years: Chest x-ray and electrocardiogram

How is eyebrow lift surgery, what techniques are used in ciliopexy?

It is possible to raise or raise the eyebrows in several ways.

  • Applying Botox (botulinum toxin): the duration of the effect has an average of 4 months. After 4 months it is time to apply again.
  • Through a frontoplasty : it consists of making a coronal incision, that is, from ear to ear and stretching the forehead and eyebrows simultaneously. It has more lasting effects
  • Through a Freneos Lifting by endoscopy : It is the same frontoplasty surgery, only that it is done by means of an endoscope. Smaller incisions are created to introduce the endoscope with which the forehead is released and advanced.
  • Eyebrow Tail Lifting or Temporary Region Lifting : With this surgery an incision is made on the sides of the scalp and only the eyebrows are raised.
  • Superciliary incision : By means of a direct incision above the eyebrow, the brow lift is performed. It is ideal for people with wrinkles.

It is likely that this procedure will last several years, 10 years on average. But it can happen that, with the passage of time, the gravity and the aging return to fall the eyebrows.


Are there risks from ciliopexy? What complications can I have the brow lift?

All surgery has Risks:

Eyebrow lift surgery, like any other surgery, has risks. The risks can be from bruises, bleeding, seroma, skin necrosis, total numbness of the forehead and scalp, alopecia in the scar, asymmetry in the eyebrows, that one eyebrow be longer than the other. There is a risk of anesthesia such as venous thrombi in the legs, thrombi that can migrate to the lung, intraoperative myocardial infarction and even death.

With our measures it is possible to reduce the risk, but not eliminate it completely. With a good consultation, a good surgical planning, excellent surgical skills of the plastic surgeon, a good anesthesiologist and an excellent clinic, these risks can be diminished.

What type of anesthesia is used for ciliopexy?

General anesthesia is used.

What results can be expected from the corneal or front face lift and how long will it last?

  • The results depend on the surgery that is performed. The front facelift is the most durable liftings, it can last up to 10 years.
  • If ciliopexy is performed only, the result can last from 5 to 10 years
  • Tensioning wires only serve for 1 year.
  • The Botox must be injected every 4 to 6 months.

What are the disadvantages of the frontal facelift?

It has risks like any surgery. Leave a hidden scar on the hair.

What precautions should I take after raising my eyebrows? When can I go back to normal life?

Post-surgical indications of ciliopexy.

  • The first 2 days you must rest semi-sitting or with the head elevated 40 degrees.
  • If only ciliopexy is done, you will not need bandages. But, if you perform the frontal lift, if you require bandage.
  • The vast majority of patients return to work seven days after surgery.
  • The points are removed in the eyebrow at five days. And on the scalp at 10 days.
  • Physical exercise should be avoided for 15 days.
  • It can not be exposed to the sun for 1 year.







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