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Hair laser

Hair treatment with laser

What is the Hair Laser?

It is the laser that is used to stimulate the hair follicle.

The laser transmits an energy that stimulates the vascular irrigation that reaches the hair follicle in such a way that it nourishes the hair bulb better. This stimulation occurs in the anagen phase (phase of hair growth). In the end, it generates thicker and longer hair.

The Hair Laser can be used as a treatment for hair loss (alopecia) in both men and women. The laser can be administered alone or combined with another therapy.

In what types of alopecia the laser acts:

Male Androgenic Alopecia (AGA),

Female Androgenic Alopecia (FAGA),

Scarring alopecias

Alopecia Areata ,

There are multiple lasers that have proven effective in the treatment of alopecia as: Low Power Hair Laser (also known as Helium Neon Laser)

How does this hair treatment work?

How the capillary laser works

Stimulates the anagen phase.

Accelerates mitosis or division of cells.

Stimulates the formation of new blood vessels (capillaries)

Secondarily, more oxygen and nutrients reach the hair root (hair bulb).  

What changes does the hair laser generate in the hair?

1.- Increase the number of hair and follicular density.

2.- Increase the diameter or the thickness of the hair

3.- Increases the duration of the Anagen phase

4. – Removes excess fat, dandruff and toxins from the scalp because it has an antibacterial effect.

5.- Stimulates the production of collagen because it counteracts the action of free radicals responsible for capillary aging.

So is it good for any type of alopecia?

Yes, it works.

Does the capillary laser hurt?

No. The use of the laser does not generate pain.

The use of the laser can be used with other types of treatment.

Yes, we offer other types of treatment such as capillary micrografting, platelet rich blood plasma (PRP) or treatment with minoxidil.



Hair laser

Hair laser treatment | Alopecia

I’m getting bold. What should I do?

My recommendation is that you go to the plastic surgeon’s office.

How does the laser work in the cell?

The laser penetrates up to 10 mm the skin. The wavelengths of 660 nanometers penetrate the deep dermis stimulating the hair bulbs.

The mitochondrial process is activated producing more energy in the form of ATP. This helps stimulate mitosis and cell replication.

In addition, the laser generates a direct effect on the blood vessel by vasodilating it.

What types of diodes does the laser use?

650 nm laser:
It modulates the hair follicles, improves the regeneration capacity of the collagen fibers and promotes metabolism.

808 nm laser:
Accelerates blood circulation, promotes the absorption of nutrients, improves the health of the scalp and hair quality.

Indications of laser treatment in alopecia

  • Androgenic alopecia
  • Alopecia areata.


Description of the laser equipment:

It has 2 regulated rotary diodes to emit a laser light in a uniform way. It is a type of cold laser, which does not include thermal elements and its action is based on the principle of photobiotherapy, that is, it allows light to penetrate the cell membrane and stimulate cellular metabolism, improving blood circulation.

Does it have side effects?

No. The laser has no side effects.

Does the laser generate pain?

It does not generate pain.

Does the laser have any complications?

It is likely that during the treatment you feel heat in the scalp and palpitation of the blood vessels.

How is the treatment:

Laser therapy is applied for 6 sessions.

Each session lasts 10 minutes in the alopecia area. The improvement begins to be observed generally at 40 to 60 days.




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