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Although these complications are inherent in implant placement, it is not what a combination of implants is. Complications are very frequent in the author’s experience, and a very adequate protocol is followed to choose the technique and perform the surgery. To avoid the double contour seen in patients with a deficiency in the lower pole of the mother, as would be the case with tuberous breasts, an anatomical implant is recommended. In cases of an upward migration of 1.5 cm from the NAC, a complete periareolar incision is always made and closed with the round block technique. Tis has avoided hypertrophic scars and relapse of ptosis. Similarly, the block suture should always be made with permanent sutures, not very thick (Prolene 2-0). The use of permanent sutures avoids work during the long term of the school and, if they are not too thick, avoids that they are very palpable in the periareolar area. To avoid relapse of ptosis, it is very important not to modify the new location to see the new NAC before surgery. Otherwise, positioning errors will be common. The flattening of the mother will be greater in cases in which a significant amount of tissue is extracted during the periareolar pexia. When the amount of tissue resected is very important, the main problem could be the appropriate technique was the inversion and the periareolar. The erythema and the questions in the periareolar suture line have been avoided in placing the suture in the block rounding deeper into the dermis, thus avoiding the introduction of epidermal tissue into the suture line. The thickness of the scar is inherent to any surgical procedure and is not an exclusive side effect to combine both procedures. Not only is it feasible, but it is also recommended to solve both problems at the same time surgical. It is true that the combination of both procedures is more laborious and more detailed than any of the facts separately [8, 9, 11, 13, 15], so the author’s recommendations focus on three aspects: follow the parameters for Choosing correctly The technique to be used [6, 10-12], performing the surgery correctly [6, 10-12], and knowing the reason for the complications and how to maximize their avoidance. Taking this into account, the mastopexy with implants in the same surgical moment should be totally feasible, without major complications because of combining the two procedures in the same surgical time.

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Modern body contouring procedures date back to the
end of the 1970s, when Europeans like Fischer [1, 2] and
Others describe a selective localized fat removal procedure using suction cannulae. Scuderi, in 1987, first.
Information on the use of ultrasonic energy for lipoplasty. Tea
The first generation of ultrasonic devices was an SMEI device,
It uses a solid probe of 4-6 mm. Lysonex, in 1996,
developed a second generation ultrasonic device, which
had a golf shirt shape at the end of a 5mm cannula, with
2 mm lumen for simultaneous aspiration. Finally, in
2002, a third generation ultrasonic device marketed by
Sound Surgical Technologies, called the Vaser® System,
It was published and marketed as Liposelection®
Due to its selectivity in adipose tissue.
This new technology will be applied to body fat.
Emulsify only the fat cells while sparing the vascular and connective components of the skin tissue.
In the past, Zocchi [3, 4], Benelli [5],
and Di Giuseppe [6, 7] have applied this technology to
Breast tissue to achieve breast reduction and correction of mild to moderate ptosis. The author has expanded.
Its use in mastopexy techniques by tightening or
contraction effect that has also occurred, along with the
preservation of vascularization in the reduction of breast tissue without the need to create large surgical resections
Incisional fires with their inherent devascularized tissue potential and delayed healing.
Vaser technology
Vaser’s technology has been well described in numerous
Articles on the details behind Vaser that have been well
Description by Cimino [8], the founder and chief scientist of
Surgical sound technologies. The author has also been used.
Guidelines provided by Alberto Di Giuseppe and his articles.
in Vaser-assisted liposuction for breast reduction [9-11].
Selection of patients
Ideal candidate for any vaser-assisted liposuction
The mom’s technique is a mom with significant fat.
Parenchyma with involutive changes in the post.
Menopausal breasts, between 60 and 70% of women are
Candidates for reduction and hardening with UAL vaser.
Alone or in combination with surgical resection. Initial
The screening must include a mammogram to evaluate
the nature and consistency of breast tissue and the presence of abnormalities that may be useful
Studies or biopsies. Patients with a personal or
A strong family history of mom’s cancer should probably
You do not have to receive them.
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