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Ear Surgery

What is otoplasty?

It is the aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the ear. It is performed on patients who have misshapen ears, screen-shaped ears, prominent ears or large ears.

Children who have ears on screen suffer bullying at school and in their neighborhood by their friends. I recommend operating these children from six years of age.

In adults who have mental maturity, they have a way of hiding it and are able to tolerate this deformity. Adults who decide to have an operation can do so at any time.

What other ears are there?


Wolf’s ears, satyr ears, cupped ears, microtia or macrotia, and constrictive ears. If the shape of your ear bothers you, and you feel embarrassed, it is best to have an operation.

In whom is the treatment of otoplasty indicated?

  • In children from 6 years of age.
  • In adults at any time of his life.

Why is otoplasty performed?

  • Regardless of age many people will perform operation ears to be more proportionate.
  • So that the two ears are very similar.
  • That the ears are very close to the head.
  • That the ears have a nice shape.
  • Increase your self-esteem

How is otoplasty surgery?

  1. A cut is made on the skin behind the ear. And through this incision, the necessary cartilage changes are made to convert a deformed ear into a normal ear.
  2. Then the wound is closed with stitches.

Preoperative of the ear surgery?

  1. The plastic and aesthetic surgeon César Fernández will see you at his first consultation, where he will examine your ears. The degree of deformity, the size and shape of your ears will be determined. Some photographs will be taken for later comparison.
  2. Then, with the findings found in the physical examination, the plastic surgeon will tell you what changes should be made with otoplasty.
  3. During the consultation, the plastic surgeon will ask about previous diseases, surgeries, allergies or drugs.
  4. Afterwards, the price of otoplasty will be given. You must pay it before surgery to be able to schedule it in our calendar. This surgery must be paid in cash in Colombian pesos, euros or dollars.

Postoperative otoplasty?

  1. It will remain for five to seven days with a bandage around the head and ears, in order to apply pressure and reduce the possibility of bruising and bleeding.
  2. A control will be done in the first week to evaluate the state of your ears.
  3. The sutures will be removed after 1 week.
  4. The edema will disappear completely after 14 days.
  5. You can not bathe in pools, sea or rivers for 3 weeks.

What postoperative care should I have?

  • You should take care with a sunscreen for 1 year and avoid the sun for 3 months.
  • You can not pull the ears for 3 months, because you could lose the sutures.

  Complications of otoplasty.

  • Hemorrhage, infection in the wound, collections. Asymmetries of both auricular pavilions, that one is more asymmetric than the other.
  • There may be abnormal wound healing, thickened or wide scars.
  • The wound can be opened either by infections, bruising, bleeding, cigarette use or malnutrition.
  • Surgical reintervention.

Frequently Asked Questions Otoplasty

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of ​​the most common concerns of otoplasty patients.

Does otoplasty surgery affect hearing?

It does not affect hearing.

Is it a definitive surgery?

If it is permanent.

Is otoplasty a complicated technique?

You must attend a César Fernández Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon to have it done correctly.

Does otoplasty leave scars?

If it leaves a scar hidden behind the ear.

At what age can a correction of separate ears be made?

From 6 to 8 years old.

How long did it take to see the result?

After 6 months, the inflammation is completely eliminated.

Where will the plastic surgeon operate me?

In certified clinics endorsed by the Ministry of Health, the best clinics in the country in plastic and aesthetic surgery.








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