plastic surgery bogota history

Plastic surgery bogota history


Facial plastic surgery nowadays It is from the fifties when, as a consequence of the appearance of new techniques and procedures, both surgical and reconstructive, as well as aesthetic, there is the great advance, which it has today. One of the greater progress, it has supposed, without a doubt, the appearance of microsurgery, which has allowed us all type of flaps, as well as reimplantation or revascularization of members. In 1969, Buncke performed the first free microvascular transplant, for the repair of a wide area of ​​the scalp, where there had been a great loss of tissue6, 10. In our days, the treatment of cutaneous tumors is considered “heritage” of the specialty (figure 12), on all, in those cases, in which a reconstruction is required, using free grafts or local flaps (figure 13), congenital malformations of the cranio-facial region, cosmetic surgery and correction of deformities nasal, cosmetic procedures on the aged face or facial trauma. Currently, the parameters established in the literature about facial plastic surgery are mainly based on the works of Powell and Humphreys, which in 1984 reflected this topic in a text, Proportions of the Aesthetic face. Finally we must mention, briefly, the transplant of face. In an article published in 1994, in The Guardian, a surgical intervention in India was mentioned to a girl who had lost part of her face and the scalp. Apparently, it was a success, although at Patient had some muscle damage left. However, it is not until November 2005, when performs the first partial face transplant, in Amiens, Dr. Devauchelle and Dr. Dubernard. The patient is grafted a triangle of skin from the nose and mouth, from the donor. A year later, I could already sketch a smile and had recovered some facial mimicry.